Saturday, September 24, 2011

Trip to the Vet

This week was our yearly trip to the vet.  Dad loaded us in the car. 

We love to go for rides. 

Mom said the good news is that we are healthy.  The bad news is we have to cut down on our treats.  Maggie gained five pounds since last year!  She is always finishing anything I leave in my bowl. 

I only gained two pounds.  I don't see why I should cut down on treats! 

Do any of you have to watch your weight?  Let me know how you manage to stay lean.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

We've been offline for almost a week. Hurricane Irene knocked out our internet and our service provider couldn't get us up and running until Thursday evening. I don't think the greys even noticed.

Our pay it forward cause is greyhound adoption.  Since adopting two greys, we love helping out our local greyhound adoption group - Nittany Greyhounds.  We like to attend fund raising activities and take the greys to the annual picnic.  Speaking of picnics, we hope everyone takes some time off this weekend to relax and enjoy.  Have a greyt labor day weekend!